• Annie Vedeler, L.Ac, Fertility Acupuncturist

Welcoming Baby!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

As a fertility acupuncturist, many things make me happy, including witnessing the small but profound changes that begin to occur in a woman's cycle, the changes in her body and hormones that are evidence that she is becoming more fertile. Her cycle has gone from painful and erratic to pain-free and regular, there is now cervical mucus where there once was none. There is now a bi-phasic temperature chart indicating ovulation has occurred where before it was flat and anovulatory, and then there is the guarded excitement that comes from not getting her period and hoping for a positive pregnancy test! That call alone is a blissful moment but nothing compares to the smile on my face and warmth in my heart when a patient who showed up in my clinic wanting to be proactive in preparing for a baby but was also not sure anything was clinically wrong, having tried for months without success, sends me the picture of their beautiful baby boy! Oh the joy that fills my heart! To many more of these moments with future mommys and daddys who need a gentle push in the right direction!

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