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Tao of Fertility Program


Welcome! I'm glad that you are here in your search for answers on your fertility journey! Some of you might have just begun your search and have many questions.  Some of you may have been told the only way you'll have a baby is with an egg donor. Many of you have been searching for years and have been told, "why did you wait so long?".  You may feel like giving up or are completely lost, hopeless, overwhelmed and depressed.  Regardless, I am here to offer compassionate guidance, hope, clarity and direction to your desire and wish to have a baby! 
I walk with you on this journey and offer supportive, gentle, clear and direct guidance as we discover your particular block in fertility. The Tao of Fertility Program is a 4-part treatment series that can be used as a stand alone fertility treatment or as an adjunct to IVF/IUI or ovarian rejuvenation. At this clinic, you are seen as a whole person, not a number on a test. There is no guilt, judgment, blame or shame here.
Fertility is your natural, dynamic state, it is living within you and is adaptable to change. Our bodies are amazing when given the tools to gently correct imbalances and they are capable of incredible healing. We don't have to teach our bodies how to have babies, that intelligence is already built in. When fertility is compromised, it can be renewed to its natural state. By discovering and enhancing what is needed to heal our body, we can go on to deliver healthy, happy babies. Here's how we do this...

Discovering Your Baseline: 


During your inital intake, we are fact-finding to set your baseline by getting a detailed medical and fertility history. It is at this time that we can discuss any previous fertility work-ups and hormonal lab testing that you may have. Additionally, we may recommend further diagnostic testing. We assess you based on your general and reproductive health using a system based on thousands of years of successfully treating women with infertility known as Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
We strongly recommend that you monitor your Basal Body Temperatures using the free app 'Fertility Friend' and to send us weekly screenshots to monitor your progress. You are welcome to use any tracking app you would like, but just know that we will only interpret your 'Fertility Friend' data. As weekly treatments begin, the BBT data that you provide guides us in determining a precise blend of acupuncture and natural remedies based on your unique patterns of imbalance. Small but profound, positive changes start to occur. You will notice subtle improvements in your cycle, mood, nutrition and quality of sleep. You may also become aware of physical changes such as the appearance of more fertile cervical fluid, a reduction or elimination of pain and an overall feeling of wellness. 
As quickly as these positive changes can happen, it is important to note that while natural medicine is very powerful in restoring balance to an exhausted hormonal and reproductive system, it frequently takes a minimum of weekly acupuncture treatments for 3 to 6 months and sometimes even longer. Additionally, consistent herbal and supplement compliance help to bring about quicker healing changes. Patience is a powerful companion at this time.


Phase 1:  Preparing the Pathway 



Each month, as a women has her cycle, a deep cleansing is taking place on many levels. This cleansing of the endometrium allows old tissue to be cleared out which creates a fresh, new foundation for an embryo to implant. As important as this is, so is the cleansing of our unhealthy lifestyle habits.  Poor nutrition, lack of hydration, smoking, caffeine, stress, alcohol, racing around and not sleeping well all negatively impact fertility.


Remember that preparing to have a life grow inside of you is precious and you want to maximize your health during this beautiful time. The Tao of Fertility program uses the 4-phases of a woman's monthly cycle to regulate and normalize her hormones and neuroendocrine system. During Phase-1, we are looking for changes in the quality, duration, amount and color of the menstrual flow in addition to the elimination of pain.


In the same way that you would till and fertilize the land before you plant a colorful garden, the endometrium needs to be prepared for the embryo it will be receiving. This is a time to be gentle with yourself and to let go of habits which are not empowering you to be the best you can be.

Phase 2: Follicular Foundation

During Phase-2 we are working on building quality follicles and a healthy endometrial lining. It is important to remember that it takes 100 days from the time an egg starts developing and increasing in size to when it is chosen as the dominant follicle and then released at ovulation. While this process typically takes 3 cycles, subtle changes can begin happening as soon as quality blood circulation, nutrition, and hormonal communication are restored to the reproductive organs.


Phase 3: Optimal Ovulation

In Phase-3 of your cycle, we are looking for a relational pattern to emerge between the follicular phase and ovulation. Improvements that we are hoping to observe are the clear indication that you are ovulating regularly every month, the appearance of fertile cervical fluid and an observable elevation of four-tenths of a degree in your basal body temperature.

Phase 4: Ensuring Endometrium


Prior to Phase-4, we have been working on "Preparing the Pathway", building a quality "Follicular Foundation" and on making the endometrium inviting to an embryo. In Phase-3 we worked to make sure that "Optimal Ovulation" was strongly evident and occurring on a regular basis. Now we want to ensure that the luteal phase, "Ensuring Endometrium" happens in a smooth fashion and that the basal temperatures remain elevated. This is an indication of the corpus luteum secreting adequate progesterone and ensuring that the endometrial environment is ready for an embryo to implant.

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