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Tao of Women Clinic is a natural Women's Health Clinic specializing in fertility and reproductive medicine for women and couples, and in guiding the health and wholeness of women throughout the stages and changes they encounter through their lifetime. A woman's mind-body-spirit health as well as gynecology, infertility, pregnancy care, postpartum and menopause are areas that Annie chooses to focus on in her practice.  As women, we have many levels of complexity that create our unique beauty.  When we find ourselves out of harmony, natural medicine works WITH your body, your mind and your spirit to restore the balance that NATURE intended us to have.  The "Tao" translates to "The Way" and represents the absolute principle underlying the universe that is in harmony with the natural order.  The Tao of Women then is "The Natural Way" of Fertility and Women's Health by working with the principles of NATURE.

At Tao of Women Clinic, we are partners in your healing.  Some of your journeys are short and quickly successful, others a bit more lengthy, regardless, we are committed to your journey, to bring you hope and to stand beside you every step of the NATURAL way.




"...She begins to remember there is magic in her:


                                        the power to heal,

                                        the power to transform.
                                        Medicine Woman rises.”

                                                                         Lucy H. Pearce


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