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Annie Vedeler, L.Ac, FABORM, is the founder and clinician of Tao of Women Clinic and like many women, Annie is a born nurturer. Throughout her lifetime she has striven to embody the qualities of her gentle, warm, and heart-centered mom who is compassionately nurturing to ALL of life. Perhaps this is why she feels called to help women with infertility. It is these unique qualities that Annie brings to her practice of inspiring women to take control of their health and to discover their profound, innate healing potential.

In fact, the name of her practice is Tao of Women Clinic which means the 'natural way of women'. It was in Chinese medicine school where she realized she has a genuine love of working with women who seek out help in the areas of infertility, reproductive medicine, gynecology, pregnancy, postpartum, endocrine imbalances, and perimenopause.

In her late 30's she suffered with several women's health challenges including large fibroids which caused significant anemia and painful ovarian cysts. Experiencing these conditions not only deepened her compassion for women but also her understanding of how to treat these issues naturally. She now blends her compassion and problem-solving ability to create integrative treatments while bringing a unique perspective to her craft of natural medicine.
Annie holds a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, she is a nationally recognized Diplomate of Oriental Medicine with N.C.C.A.O.M
and is a Board-Certified FELLOW of the American Board Of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (A.B.O.R.M). She is an avid, life-long learner and is always seeking to grow in this medicine.

While relaxing at home, she enjoys philosophical and Chinese medicine discussions over coffee with her husband Chris, watching her step-daughter Jasmine grow into a beautiful young woman, playing with 3 kitties (Puka, Olive, Zen), 2 red mini poodles (Cherry and Kenna) and 2 Tiger Oscar fish, Tuco and Nacho and tending to her many beautiful plants.



Our Team

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Marybeth moved to Arizona a day after marrying the love of her life over forty years ago.

Certified as a medical assistant she later found alternative medicine to more align with her lifestyle.

She is happy to be a part of Tao of Women Clinic and we are thrilled to have her as a part of our team!

She enjoys weekly family gatherings, meeting new people, swimming and world travel.


Marybeth Cahill, Office Manager


What Others Are Saying:

"Our last baby we had been trying for a year, with a miscarriage, and then finally had our son. So a year or so later when we decided we wanted to try again for one more, we knew it would be a tough road. We gave ourselves 6 months...At month 5 and still no positive, a friend told me about Annie and her acupuncture studio. I figured, if this is our Hail Mary last shot, I might as well try. Both me and my husband (who are acupuncture newbies mind you) both signed on for a few sessions right before my ovulation. Now I know typically it's recommended to do several months of sessions, but this is the time frame we were working with. And guess what, it worked!! We got our positive and are now 18 weeks pregnant expecting our first little girl!! I cannot recommend Annie enough!"

-Wendy C. 7/14/21

"I worked with Annie for about 3-4 months while trying to conceive our first baby about a year ago. She was a wealth of information, so warm and kind and welcoming to my many many questions along the way! My time with her truly felt like a mix of talk therapy, Eastern medicine and a supportive friend to talk to along the journey! I've given her name to many friends as I have no doubt she could help anyone get pregnant after my experience and time spent with her. I have no doubt I'll continue to see her in the future. Truly a great resource for women in the community!"

-Erica M. 6/16/20

"I found Annie's practice when I was looking for a safe, gentle, and effective alternative to fertility medicine. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's after my first child was born, and despite successfully getting my thyroid hormone levels under control about a year later, I could not conceive again. My OB told me that I was not ovulating, had progesterone levels low enough to be considered menopausal, and had a very thing uterine lining. I tried several rounds of clomid without success. I did some digging on the research available regarding acupuncture and Chinese medicine for fertility, and found that the success levels rivaled and sometimes even exceeded those for IVF. Annie was wonderful from the beginning. She is an extremely warm and welcoming person, and I felt comfortable right away. I felt that she was really listening to me....I trusted her and I began to see results within 2 weeks; decreased stress levels, better bowel movements, increased cervical mucus, improving basal body temperatures, healthier period, and even happier dreams. I began ovulating, and without any other medical interventions or medication, I became pregnant on my third cycle with Annie. My husband and I are so happy we chose to come to her, and I will definitely be seeing her more in the future. Thank you Annie!"

-Pamela S. 6/11/21

"Annie has been there for me throughout my fertility journey. I truly feel her compassion and expertise in this field is what helped me to get to where I am today. Currently 33 weeks pregnant with our little miracle boy."

-Fotinee A. 4/4/22

"Will 100% recommend Annie. We were trying to conceive and wanted to try acupuncture. Had a virtual consult with Annie and she told me to give her 6 months. As promised, got pregnant within 6 months. She is so knowledgeable, welcoming and knows what she is doing."

-Haritha T. 4/4/22

"Annie is an amazing care provider. I went to see her almost every week in the 10 months preceding our very first egg retrieval and continued to see her weekly through our frozen transfer and most of the first trimester of the resulting pregnancy! Before starting IVF, I had a lot of confidence the acupuncture would help because within a month or two of seeing Annie, I had a noticeable increase in the health of my menstrual cycles. For anyone struggling with infertility of any kind, I highly recommend you spend some time with Annie - she is a wonderful acupuncturist and person, she will be a light on the tough journey that is infertility!"

-Nicole W. 4/22

"I've been seeing Annie for a few years now and I must say her commitment to her patients far exceeds any other acupuncturist I've tried. The caliber of care and her dedication to truly finding a solution to whatever challenges you may have is what keeps me coming back for more. She is beyond gifted in her craft and truly helps you heal."

-Lauren R. 3/29/20 

"Annie and her team are amazing!! After suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss, and several difficulties trying to conceive after loss, I sought out to try Acupuncture. Tao of Women Clinic has a wonderful team and practice; I would highly recommend anyone who's struggling in TTC or recurrent miscarriage to seek out this practice. Annie has addressed my immediate concerns, and has treated me with care and kindness along my journey. We are expecting our first baby this July and I believe this practice has helped bring us our rainbow baby. I will continue to see Annie throughout my pregnancy and beyond. Sometimes it takes a village. Thank you Annie and team for being a part of mine!

-Christina K.  4/5/22

"I have nothing but amazing things to say about Annie, she is absolutely amazing. She is extremely educated and knowledgeable in her field. She spends her time to understand your symptoms, determine the underlying root cause that is creating your symptoms, and a treatment plan to help cure them. I have been working with her for 6 months now with regards to fertility treatment and she has truly changed my life and the direction my health was heading in."

-Pradnya N. 9/3/21

"The owner Annie does a great job. I had been dealing with chronic pain and lower back pain plus arthritis in both by knees. I was walking with a cane for the past three years. When she first gave me acupuncture 5 months ago, I no longer need the cane. Thank you Annie."

-Marika D. 9/15/21


"Annie is a wonderful acupuncturist, patient and knowledgeable, answering all of my questions. She is a true empath and uses her intuition along with her education..."

-Sara P. 10/02/19

"I went to Annie for help with unexplained infertility. As many know, infertility can be draining both physically and mentally; and isolating. Annie was like my personal fertility cheerleader. She was so caring and always cheered me on. (And still is.) She designed each visit to support my cycle and how I was feeling. Annie's positive attitude and ability to tailor my treatment plan was the key to our success. She knows it's not one size fits all when it comes to trying to get pregnant. When one approach didn't work, she used her expertise to pivot our plan. Annie's support wasn't limited to just during the visit. She also checked in via text. Between her acupuncture approach and recommended lifestyle changes, I'm due this August with our rainbow baby boy. THANK YOU, ANNIE!! :) If you can't already tell, I'm a huge fan of the work she does. I would highly recommend going to Annie."

Cassie V. 5/08/22


"Annie is thee best! She is so kind, caring and a true professional! I was blown away at my initial consult because it was so thorough-unlike anything I've ever experienced at any "Dr.s office". She helped me regulate things I didn't even know were not normal and helped me with my overall stress/anxiety. I had been trying to conceive for 2 yrs and within 6-7 m of seeing her we conceived!! I'm just shy of being 6 m pregnant and I know a lot of it is because of Annie and her amazing treatments!! I've referred her to numerous people (not just for fertility) and will continue to do so! My family and I are so happy this has finally happened. We will be forever grateful & thankful that we found her!"

-Caitlin G. 9/3/21

"Annie is a rare find in a healthcare practitioner! She is a master of her craft and is able to connect with her clients and guide them in their health and wellness journeys...."

-Laura D. 11/11/19

"...Annie is a also a very conscientious practitioner and wants to make sure she addresses all facets of a client's needs. She takes the initiative to do research on supplemental modalities, and will incorporate them in a holistic approach for her client's wellness."

-Lillian H. 02/2019

"... what set her apart was her approach to my treatments. She took a holistic approach and not only applied cupping, acupuncture, heat etc., but we considered what the potential underlying causes of the issues were."

-Patrick N. 1/2019

"I love Annie, her kindness and her vast knowledge on Chinese Medicine, have had a great improvement on my health..."

-Cecilia B. 3/25/19

"I had a great first session with Annie. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind and professional! I immediately relaxed and left feeling much better! I highly recommend."

-Michelle L. 04/24/17

"...I was new to acupuncture and she made me feel so comfortable and explains things so you understand the process. I always learn a lot with Annie..."

-Molly E. 1/1/19

"... I sought out someone to perform moxibustion to hopefully turn my breech baby at 38 weeks... It was a really amazing experience. I would definitely refer anyone interested in natural healing therapies to Annie and her practice. She will take great care of you!"

-Lindsey B. 09/09/13

"...Annie was my therapist, she walked me through the whole process and made me feel so comfortable! She was knowledgeable, friendly, and patient."

-Carrie L. 10/3/13

"...Her welcoming smile, soft manner, and willingness to find the source of pain have made my sessions most productive. Thank-you Annie, for your kind heart."

-Robin M. 12/14/18

"Annie is fantastic. I look forward to going back. I use yelp all the time-that's how I found her-yet this is my first review. I have never felt compelled to give a review for any business before but she's so wonderful she deserves the credit/she deserves your business. She earned my business."


-Meghan M. 03/12/17

 "The environment in the clinic was one of peace and serenity. Annie herself, was very sincere, kind and had a healer's presence."

-Tara H. 10/05/12

"...I will keep seeing Annie as she is very knowledgeable, caring and eager to put you at ease."

-Radu M. 10/05/12

"...Annie is wonderful at what she does and really seems to care about helping you get through your pain, if not eliminating it. I would recommend her services to anyone who is interested in acupuncture."

-Susan F. 2/15/13

"Annie is absolutely wonderful! Her space is so relaxing and inviting and she really takes the time to get to know your needs and treat you appropriately. We were trying to conceive and I was pregnant within 2 months of seeing Annie. She goes the extra mile and even sent a little gift package to me when I got pregnant. I would recommend Annie to everyone."

-Mary R. 10/25/21

"Annie is the most adorable human being I have ever met. I was very nervous since I have never done acupuncture but the way she made me feel and how empathetic she is, I'm still in awe. A rare gem indeed."

-Winnie M. 10/15/21

"I decided to try acupuncture after I had one failed FET- this was the best decision I could have made! Annie is an absolute blessing and is so knowledgeable! I started with her before my second FET and I truly believe this was what helped me successfully get pregnant! I'm currently 24 weeks with our first baby! So excited for this journey and so blessed to have found Annie!

-Katie T. 4/2022

" The only impossible journey is the one you never begin."                                                                                     Tony Robbins