Rebuilding after Miscarriage; Strengthening her Body, Building her Confidence

Updated: Aug 19

Miscarriages are fairly common, affecting as many as half of all pregnancies and resulting in a miscarriage around 6-9 weeks. Some women can also experience what is known as a chemical pregnancy that ends prior to 5 weeks. It is difficult to know exactly how many women have had this misfortune due to the fact that if the woman was not actively trying to conceive, she may not have even known she was pregnant. When her period does arrive, it often arrives about a week late and tends to be heavier and more clotty.

Regardless of when the miscarriage occurred, when a woman gets miscarriage news, it is devastating. Feeling that something is wrong with her or that she is broken fill her thoughts. Her days may be filled with apathy or a reluctance to try again out of fear that she will never be able to carry a baby to term.

The silver lining to this dark cloud is the fact that she was ABLE to conceive, this alone says a lot about her fertility. Many things had to go right for that to happen! In my fertility acupuncture clinic, I work with women on detecting and correcting the subtleties that are involved in all kinds of pregnancy loss. For instance, a lack of progesterone, known as luteal phase defect is very common and even when conventional medicine prescribes progesterone, the underlying reason her body isn't generating enough progesterone hasn't been addressed. In addition, there might be an inadequate endometrial lining, a subclinical infection or immune factors preventing the embryo from implanting.

I work with my patients to increase their endometrial linings with acupuncture and blood supplementing herbal formulas to bring circulation to the reproductive organs. I address the reasons why her bo