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Natural Help For A Comfortable Pregnancy

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Pregnancy is an absolutely beautiful and exciting time!  At the same time the nature of pregnancy can produce some uncomfortable symptoms such as:

Edema/swelling Pain such as headaches/backaches Digestive symptoms/constipation Reduced appetite or acidic feeling Morning sickness Blood pressure issues Early contractions and cramps Stress, Anxiety and /or depression Fatigue and sleep issues and more...

If you want help with any of these symptoms naturally during your pregnancy, you can rest assured that Annie at Tao of Women Clinic is an expert in helping you feel more comfortable during this time. Chinese medicine has been helping pregnant women naturally for thousands of years with a high degree of efficacy no side-effects and without any drugs.  We are trained in and offer expert nutritional guidance, and custom herbal supplementation, gentle, effective acupuncture/acupressure, relaxing mind-body meditations and lifestyle adjustments that are all SAFE for you and your baby during this precious time.  We encourage you to continue to see your doctor and keep your physician informed of your treatments with us.


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