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Secondary Infertility...The Forgotten Diagnosis

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Couples who have at least one child and now desire to add to their families but haven't fallen pregnant after a year of unprotected intercourse are often given a diagnosis of secondary infertility. This predictably comes as a cruel and painful shock to the couple.  Well-meaning friends and family may say things like, "you should be grateful, at least you have a child" and doctors who have good intentions may say, "keep trying, don't give up hope", but this only drives the hurt deeper. The couple feels as devastated as those who have no children at all. It is a very frustrating and isolating diagnosis. Support for these couples is scarce and poorly understood leading to depression, jealousy and more isolation. 

There are many causes of secondary infertility most of which are the same as for couples experiencing primary infertility.  Issues that can be an exacerbating contributor are advanced maternal age, endometriosis, fibroids or polyps, anovulation, diminished ovarian reserve, pcos, hormonal imbalances and male factor infertility. The good news is natural medicine is effective for all of the above conditions in primary infertility which means that holistic medicine is also effective in treating secondary infertility. Your body knew what to do in order to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby the first time. Nature doesn't forget. Sometimes it just needs the right guidance and a gentle nudge in the right direction to regain its full potential.

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