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IVF Transfer Treatments

The Uncomplicated Fertility Journey

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Inside each of us is a powerful creative force that can bring life into existence.  It is our very nature to create life, to be fertile. When we observe nature, we realize there is soil for roots to anchor a plant, there is rain to provide water and sunshine that provides energy and food.  In nature, there is an organized and uncomplicated flow of energy bringing forth life.  It doesn't require maintenance because it finds it's own balance.  Your body does the same.  It is always seeking equilibrium.  A garden that is poorly maintained can get overrun with weeds and pests, can suffer dehydration, receive a lack of fertilizing nutrients, get bacterial or fungal diseases or can be over-watered or get too much sun.  It is much the same with our fertility.  We can get pelvic infections, endometriosis, scar tissue and blocked Fallopian tubes, be troubled by poor egg quality or diminished ovarian reserve or suffer vitamin deficiencies, sugar dysregulation/high cortisol and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Our ability to conceive a child is innate. That is our NATURE, uncomplicated and powerful. Throughout our life, we experience many circumstances, lifestyle choices and stresses that can unbalance and complicate our fertility garden.

Because conception and gestation take a tremendous amount of energy, fertility stores get put on hold because the body needs precious reserves to fight other battles like inflammation, cortisol spikes, chronic stress and lack of restorative sleep. Our bodies are amazing and are so adaptable when supported and given what they need. Fertility follows naturally and uncomplicated.                     

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